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Робин Каллан был создателем одного из самых удивительных и эффективных методов преподавания английского языка. К сожалению, он скончался в начале 2014 года. Он прожил чрезвычайно итересную жизнь. Он также любил английскую поэзию, и преподаватели школы Каллана в Лондоне даже написали в честь него песню.


Callan Commences.
In sunny Salerno on Italy’s shore, Mr. Callan found typical teaching a bore. Results were too slow; there was something amiss. He thought: “Wait! I can do better than this!
With a pen and a book and with teachers who mime, We can teach students English in a quarter of the time! It will be so much faster, dynamic, unique! They will learn by having to ‘speak, speak, speak’!”
Critics said students would be terribly bored, Mr. Callan replied: “My pen’s mightier than your sword!” It was very hard work and brought him great stress, But he was confident it would be a success.
So Mr. Callan soon started his own school in Italy; Guaranteeing success no matter the student’s ability. With dictations and readings and vocab inside, The books won acclaim and success far and wide.
Soon Callan’s new Method began stealing the show, And with classes so full, the school needed to grow. He perfected his method with the family Brown, Then set up his main school in old London town.
The school was so successful it had to expand, With even more staff and more teachers to hand. He now was so busy he needed to rest, And found Grantchester’s Orchard suited him best.
Mr. Callan was really a poetry man, And loved to travel the country in an old camper van. Yet even as he bathed in poetry, His teaching vocation held his loyalty.
He would never let go of his first guiding vision, That kept him so strong through his critics’ derision: To be friends the world’s people must speak to each other, And the Callan Method works to make enemies brothers.
He would not run away from the world’s language needs, Callan School Global wanted him in the lead. Now students from Italy, Brazil and Peru, Can chat with their pals from France and China, too.
Young kids from Russia and ladies from Spain, Can make friends in Poland, Japan and Bahrain. Regardless of language , culture or weather, Callan Method brings people much closer together.


       With thanks to Margaret, Qasim, Zane and James for this tribute to Mr. Callan.

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